Hair Master Salon Price List (Packages) Updated in 2024

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the Hair Master Salon Price List 2024. The latest Hair Master Salon service rates and menus in India will be reviewed in this article.

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About Hair Master Salons

Hair Masters Group, founded in 2013, has over 58 salons. The group operates throughout India and is also involved in the health and restaurant industries.

Hair Masters is now a household name offering the best combination of luxury, service, and efficiency. The salon is well-known throughout the country for its superior quality and unmatched revitalizing and rejuvenating salon services.


Salon Services:

  • Professional Makeup
  • Painless Depilation
  • Haircut and Styling
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Professional Stylists
  • Honey Wrapping
  • Regenerating Treatments
  • Shellac Coating

Hair Master Salon Hair Care Charges

Services Price
Hair Cut Men ₹450
Hair Cut Child ₹450
Split Ends Removal (Female) ₹650
Hair Cut (Female) ₹650
Hair Wash (Male) ₹150
Hair Wash (Female) ₹300
Hair Styling Price
Hair Styling (Male) ₹1000
Hair Do (Female) ₹650
Flat Iron Long Length (Female) ₹750
Normal Flat Iron (Female) ₹550
Hair Colour Prices
Highlights (Male) ₹2550
Beard Colour (Male) ₹700
Hair Colouring (Male) ₹1000
Highlights (Female) ₹4500
Wella/Loreal Hair Colour (Female) ₹850
Inoa Hair Colour (Female) ₹1100
Hair Treatments Price
Ultra Soothing & Calming Treatment ₹4000
Advance Lightening Clarifying Treatment ₹4500
Hair Spa
Mythic Oil Hair Spa ₹1500
Loreal Hair Spa ₹1200
Hair Ritual Moroccan Oil Spa ₹3500
Hair Ritual Moroccan Oil Basic Spa ₹2500
Specialized Alchemy Hair Spa ₹2500
Customized Alchemy Hair Spa ₹2000
Basic Alchemy Hair Spa ₹1800
Hair Spa (Male) ₹1000

Hair Master Salon Wax Charges

Waxing Prices Price
Unisex / Full Arms ₹450
Unisex / Half Arms ₹300
Unisex / Full Legs ₹500
Unisex / Half Legs ₹300
Normal Waxing – Full Legs + Arms + Under Arms ₹1000
Normal Waxing – Under Arms ₹200
Normal Waxing – Stomach ₹300
Normal Waxing – Midriff ₹300
Normal Waxing – Back ₹600
Normal Waxing – Front ₹600
Normal Waxing – Bikini ₹1000
Normal Waxing – Body ₹1800
Normal Waxing – Face ₹300
Normal Waxing – B Line ₹2500

Hair Master Salon Facial Charges

Facial Prices Price
Janssen Clean Up ₹2500
Dermal Clean Up ₹2000
Eminence Clean Up ₹2000
O3 Clean Up ₹1500
Sea Soul Advance Facial For Dry Skin ₹4000
Sea Soul Advance Facial For Oil Skin ₹4000
Sea Soul Basic Facial For Dry Skin ₹2800
Sea Soul Basic Facial For Oil Skin ₹2800

Hair Master Salon Threading Charges

Threading Prices Price
Threading – Full Face ₹200
Threading – Chin ₹50
Threading – Upper Lips ₹50
Threading – Forehead / Sides ₹50
Threading – Eyebrows ₹50
Beard Trim (Male) ₹250

Hair Master Salon Massage Charges

Massage Prices Price
Hand Massage ₹300
Head Massage (Male) ₹450
Head Massage (Female) ₹450
Feet Massage ₹300

Hair Master Salon Make Up Charges

Make Up Prices Price
Airbrush Bridal Makeup (Female) ₹10000
Airbrush Reception Makeup (Female) ₹15000
Airbrush Engagement Makeup (Female) ₹8500
Airbrush Party Makeup (Female) ₹6000
H.D. Bridal Makeup (Female) ₹12500
H.D. Engagement Makeup (Female) ₹7000
H.D. Party Makeup (Female) ₹5000
Normal Bridal Makeup (Female) ₹10000
Normal Engagement Makeup (Female) ₹6000
Normal Party Makeup (Female) ₹4000
Eye Liner (Female) ₹300
Lipstick (Female) ₹200
Airbrush Base Makeup (Female) ₹2500
H.D. Base Makeup (Female) ₹2000
Normal Base Makeup (Female) ₹1500
Outstation Bridal Makeup (Female) ₹20000
Saree Drape / Dress UP (Female) ₹300

Hair Master Salon Bleach Charges

Bleach Prices Price
Organic Bleach – Full Body ₹3500
Organic Bleach – Hand / Feet ₹400
Organic Bleach – Legs ₹900
Organic Bleach – Arms ₹750
Organic Bleach – Back ₹900
Organic Bleach – Stomach ₹800
Organic Bleach – Neck ₹450
Organic Bleach – Face ₹450

Hair Master Salon Manicure/Pedicure Charges

Manicure Prices Price
Paraffin Wax Manicure ₹500
D-Tan Mask Hands ₹200
Regular Manicure ₹400
Paraffin Manicure ₹750
Pediologix Manicure ₹900
Organic Candle Manicure ₹1000
Pedicure Prices Price
Paraffin Wax Pedicure ₹500
D-Tan Mask Legs ₹200
Regular Pedicure ₹500
Paraffin Pedicure ₹850
Pediologix Pedicure ₹1000
Organic Candle Pedicure ₹1200

Hair Master Salon Straightening/Perm

Services Price
Hair Rebonding (Male) ₹4000
Hair Rebonding (Female) ₹6500
Hair Smoothening (Female) ₹6500
Keratin Smoothening (Female) ₹6500

Hair Master Salon Nail Charges

Nail Services Price
Nail Filing – Feet ₹100
Nail Paint – Feet ₹150
French Nail Paint – Feet ₹200
Nail Filing – Hand ₹100
Nail Paint – Hand ₹150
French Nail Paint – Hand ₹200

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